Data Security

A lot of people conveniently store Data “online”, which is advertised as being “safe”.

Sometimes people are not aware that they store Data online.

The biggest thread to Data corruption nowadays is called “ransomware”. A malicious  program (“malware”) encrypts all your available documents and files on your local machine as well as on your network drives as well as your in the cloud files. All documents are still there, but they show “encrypted” content when you open them.

Your Data is hold to ransom until a certain amount of money (bitcoins) has been paid, after you are given a decryption key, so you can “decrypt” your files again.

The “crypto virus”, earlier this year, corrupted thousands of computers on a global level and brought companies and hospitals on their knees. How safe is your Data?

Nowadays technically malware is not a “virus” and will often not be detected by ant-virus software. It is “a program” as any other program running on your computer.

We can have a look and advise you how and where to store your Data so it is ‘safer’.

PS When was the last time you made your last backup?

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If somebody can run arbitrary code on your computer, it is not your computer any more. – Rich Kulawiec

Data is more valuable than the value of the hardware (computer)

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