Not for Profit

Not for profit organizations are invaluable to local communities.

They are very similar to a small business, they

  • Fulfill a need in the community
  • Are run by passionate people
  • Have customers
  • Have a need to market themselves
  • Have to cover basic costs

There are a few differences; Not for Profit organizations :

  • Work a lot with volunteers
  • Have to work with a very low budget
  • Are depending on fundraisers and donations

Nowadays Not for Profit organizations are required to run like a small business in order to survive. There is just less money and overhead involved.

Have a look at my section of Small Business as well.

The last seven years I worked with a Community House to enable survival and growth by providing the right technical infra structure and managing all equipment.

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I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things – Mother Teresa

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