Where Real Estate meets Technology

Interactive 3D Tours

Real Estate meets Technology

We integrate Web Services, Drafting Services and Drone Services to provide the ideal solution for the Real Estate industry.

  • interactive 3D visualisation of the property
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Drone Services
  • Professional photo and video editing

IT skills and Web presentation

All our deliverables are web optimised and ready to be presented in web format.

No changes to your webside needed, you only need to add a single link to your website.


We don’t replace existing services, we add NEW unique functionality. We collaborate with any existing service providers and IT specialists. We are always looking for a Win-Win situation.

Interactive – property presentation

Interactive  3D Tours

NEW – The ultimate experience.

Use our Interactive 3D Tours to showcase properties, businesses, events.

3D Tour example

Interactive 360° photos

Click and drag to move in all directions.

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Signage PropertySignage photo

Most signage photos are taken at eye level. A drone photo is of high quality ( 5472×3078 pixels ) and provides flexibility in positioning distance and height to get a better photo.

Don’t limit yourself to larger properties only. Especially smaller property presentations will greatly benefit from the flexibility a drone provides.

Traditional Floor Plans

We can provide a full set of floor plans (2D-3D) and elevation drawings. We can create plans from scratch or use existing plans .

Video – think media

Video’s are the ultimate way to present.Sales Agent outside

They can contain images as well as floor plans and text.

Use video to:

  • Introduce a property
  • Introduce a Real Estate agent
  • Introduce your company

Property Inspection

Property Inspection

With our drone footage we provide a quick overview of the property to better establish the quality and value of the property. The footage also serves as a visual reminder for the Real Estate agent.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Inspect the roof to establish the quality and value of the property.