Working From Home


(teliwɜːʳkəʳ ) – Word forms: plural teleworkers

“Teleworkers are people who work from home using equipment such as telephones, fax machines, and modems to contact the people they work with and their customers.”

This definition from Collins Dictionary is a bit outdated, we now use telephones, the internet, computers, cameras etc.

NEW website

We created a website to specifically cover all aspects of “tele-working”.

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Safety First

Current developments around the Corona Virus forces some most people to work from home.

For a lot of organisations and companies this is a new experience. They are not equipped and/or have no experience in remote access technology.

We are happy to assist, we are specialised in:

  • Using existing software and infrastructure where possible
  • Transfer important documents online
  • Make sure key users have access
  • Enhance online communication
  • Ensure online communication is secure

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