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  • Environmental Studies

    360° images and drone footage

  • Drone Services

    the world from above

  • Web Design

    quality responsive designs

  • Web Design

    accessibility compliance

  • Web Hosting

    one stop shop, competitive

  • Network Cabeling

    jobs big and small

  • Fix Computers

    preserve data

  • eConnectIT

    fight loneliness

  • 360° inside

    immersive views, stunning 3D Tours

  • Drone Services

    licensed pilot

  • Trouble shooting

    NBN fix internet problems

  • eConnectIT

    connect, discover a new world

  • TB Solutions

    for all IT services and special photography

What can we do for you

Drone Services

So many things you can do with a drone: Inspections, Documenting, Fire Inspection, Weddings, Parties & Functions and more.

Web Hosting & Websites

A website is a powerful marketing tool. We provide a one stop solution. We can register domain names, provide web hosting at a very competitive price and can create a new website or update an existing website to the current standards.

Network Services

Setup a modem, troubleshoot NBN, connecting devices, extending your network, cabling, data cabinets.

Multimedia Services

We have the tools to professionally create and edit video’s in all formats. We also are able to convert VHS tapes to DVD to preserve valuable footage.


When you need some advise or when you want to start a new project.


You want to start your business or you want to align your business with the current demands.

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If you have any queries or if you would like to know more about any of the services,

Feel free to contact me. It is one click away.