Web Hosting


Every website needs a registered domain name, web hosting space and the actual website environment.

We provide a “one-stop” solution to cover all requirements needed to have a live website.

The plans range from small to large. Custom plans are available as well.

We specialize in WordPress websites ( 27% of the internet ).

Website Security

Not a lot of people are aware that most websites are under constant attack on the internet. Hackers are trying to steal the bandwidth of your your server to be able to transfer information through your site without having to pay for the data traffic. Also operating through another server will hide the identity of a hacker.

As part of our Hosting and Web Service we frequently monitor each website to inspect security breaches. This sets us apart from many other hosting providers.

Starter Pack – $ 10 per month

  • Disk quota 500 Mb
  • Monthly bandwidth 1000 Mb
  • FTP Accounts 1
  • Email Accounts 0
  • Databases 1
  • Website Security – basic
  • Sub Domains 0
  • Parked Domains 0
  • Addon Domains 0

Medium Pack – $ 20 per month

  • Disk quota 1000 Mb
  • Monthly bandwidth 2000 Mb
  • FTP Accounts 2
  • Email Accounts 1
  • Databases 1
  • Website Security – basic
  • Sub Domains 0
  • Parked Domains 0
  • Addon Domains 0

Large Pack – $ 40 per month

  • Disk quota 5000 Mb
  • Monthly bandwidth 5000 Mb
  • FTP Accounts 5
  • Email Accounts 5
  • Databases 1
  • Website Security – advanced
  • Sub Domains 0
  • Parked Domains 0
  • Addon Domains 0

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. – Carol Burnett


A website is now so much more than a digital brochure.

It is very much part of the “24/7 – global economy”.

A website is your main marketing tool.

  • Your business will gain credibility
  • You save money
  • Enables you to keep your customers informed
  • Is always accessible
  • Makes it possible to target a wider market
  • Provides a medium to showcase your work
  • Saves you time
  • Improves customer service
  • Have online forms

We can

  • Register a domain name
  • Provide web hosting starting from $ 10 per month
  • Setup email on computers, tablets and phones
  • Create a new website or
  • Upgrade an existing website to the current standards.

A website needs to be

  • Responsive, automatically adapt to computer, tablet or phone
  • Search Engine Optimized ( Google friendly )
  • Easy to maintain

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